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Energy Opportunity Assessment

Energy assessment identifies to some level of detail the size of the opportunity and the cost to achieve success. Some clients are satisfied merely to know that there is an opportunity before proceeding. Others have a need for detailed knowledge before they are willing to commit to a program launch. PRES has designed several unique tools to assist in developing and Energy Opportunity Assessment.


PRES uses its Prequalification process as an initial energy assessment to understand current usage and the likely magnitude of energy reduction that can be accomplished. The simplest form can be applied for routine retail locations such as branch banks, retail stores and outlets. More complex forms are utilized for manufacturing and healthcare facilities. You can then decide if the energy cost savings potential is of sufficient size to proceed with further investigation.


Discovery audits are used to determine at a predetermined level of detail the extent of opportunities that exist in a give facility. This process represents a "deeper dive" than prequalification and is intended to gather information that typically would be used for funding requests.

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is a Discovery audit combined with the implementation of low hanging fruit opportunities that often produces a self-funding program.




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