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Energy Audits

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) defines three levels of audits that can be performed:

Level 1 – Walk-though Analysis (preliminary analysis). This would include analyzing energy bills and conducting a brief on-site survey of the building. During this audit a macro-level savings and cost analysis of low-cost/no-cost measures would be prepared. It will also include a listing of potential capital improvements that merit further consideration, and an initial judgment of potential costs and savings.

Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis (detailed analysis). This would include a breakdown of the energy use within the building. During this level the savings and cost analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner’s constraints and economic criteria would be identified, along with a discussion of any changes to operation and maintenance procedures. Also this analysis would list potential capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection and engineering analysis, and a judgment of potential costs and savings.

Level 3 – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications (implementation analysis). This would include engineering analysis that focuses on potential capital-intensive projects identified during the Level 2 analysis and involves more detailed field data gathering as well as a more rigorous engineering analysis. Using this level of gathered information would provide investment-grade project cost and savings calculations with a high level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions.




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