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Reducing Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption Reduction Factors

Energy use can be reduced by a number of methods: changing how you use it (behavior modification), optimizing the equipment being used, and properly scheduling equipment operation. The first step is typically a review, whether a formal audit or just an assessment. Then you can benchmark or compare your property's operation with similar ones to understand how much conservation opportunity is reasonable.

Equipment Optimization

Much of your energy use is for lighting and heating your buildings. Ensuring proper light levels and lighting equipment is a straight-forward example of where appropriate equipment types and controls can provide direct energy savings. Heating equipment is more costly, and more complicated. However, commissioning can identify specific systems with savings opportunities due to how they are operated, and also identify equipment that is approaching the end of its useful life. More technical analysis is required to validate what type of equipment is most suitable to the function, as currently required.

Behavior Modification

Changes in how your employees use energy can reduce consumption. Heating, cooling and lighting are the most fruitful areas to create energy consumption reductions. Education on appropriate temperature settings and use of lighting controls can reduce energy use with little or no investment. Often companies implement Energy Awareness Programs to educate their employees on the cost and environmental implications of wasted energy and to help establish good energy habits.




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