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Energy Cost Reduction Services

PRES Energy offers comprehensive services to help you manage your energy use and thereby reduce your energy-related costs. Since energy cost is typically the largest line item in a property operating budget, this can create significant value for your company. At the same time, the performance of major equipment can be improved, appropriate maintenance practices established, and desirable behavior patterns identified to sustain these energy efficiencies year after year.

Our fundamental goal is to help our customers to consume less energy and to reduce the cost for that energy, all without disrupting our customers business.  The method of accomplishing this is with an integrated energy reduction plan.

Integrated Energy Reduction Plan

The objectives of an energy reduction plan are to:

  • Identify the extent of the financially justified opportunities.
  • Reduce energy use without negatively impacting the business functions.
  • Create a self-funding program to minimize initial investment.

An integrated approach combines various energy savings and energy cost savings opportunities.


  • Low cost/no cost work is given priority to start generating return immediately.
  • Pre-planning for equipment failures such that emergency failures are minimized and appropriate replacement funding and implementation strategies are in place.
  • Many clients see annual savings ranging from 8% to 25%, with corresponding reduction in carbon footprint.
The integrated approach is financially based.

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