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Design / Build

The design/build approach can be more appropriate on many energy efficiency project to provide mechanical/electrical systems that are energy efficient and of appropriate quality. They can be structured with a Guaranteed Maximum Cost at a pre-negotiated margin and typically are accomplished in a shorter time-frame than conventional approaches.


  • Single Point of Responsibility -There are no conflicts or finger pointing between designer and builder.
  • Time Savings - Design-build is the fastest project delivery method since design and construction activities overlap, allowing construction to begin before all systems are totally designed. Long bidding periods and redesign are eliminated.
  • Early Knowledge of First Costs – Because the same party is responsible for design and project execution, construction costs estimates more accurately reflect the completed project at an early stage; guaranteed construction costs are known far sooner than is otherwise possible. This permits early establishment of financing.
  • Cost Savings - Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and constructability evaluations are implemented from the beginning of the project providing the additional benefit that the resulting project accomplishes the design objectives.

Several studies have evaluated the traditional Design-Bid-Build, Construction-Management (at risk), and Design-Build approaches:

Design-Build costs about 4.5% less than Construction-Management and 6% less than Design-Bid-Build
Design-Build is 7% faster than Construction-Management and 12% faster than Design-Bid-Build for the construction phase.
Design-Build can be 23% faster than Construction-Management and 33% faster than Design-Bid-Build for the overall project.
Design-Build typically meets or exceeds quality expectations at all levels.



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