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Industry Specific Issues

Many industries have specific property issues associated with their business. Hospitals typically have complex systems due to reliability requirements, and also have intensity of energy use for their 24-7 operations. Banks have challenges managing many smaller geographically dispersed properties. Many government facilities are older or with architectural construction styles and patterns of use that present energy management challenges.

PRES has experience in several different industy markets, helping our clients with property solutions that support their business. For example:

  • PRES works with local governments across New York State on energy improvements that qualify for a state energy loan program.
  • PRES Location Strategies has pioneered a location analysis model to help utility companies with complex inter-related site selection for field operation headquarters. This same analysis has been applied to optimize service contractor routes and service technician assignments.
  • PRES Design Build has helped distribution companies upgrade warehouse facilities with minimum disruption to ongoing distribution operations.
  • PRES Energy partners with real estate service and property management companies to improve the energy efficiency of their clients' properties.





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