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Lighting Upgrades

One of your most basic and necessary support functions - lighting - provides some of the best value opportunities (savings) in your buildings. If you have not yet addressed this system, office and warehouse lighting offer almost certain short-term payback. LED systems offer another promising option for certain applications.

Lighting Upgrade Process

  • Prescreen portfolio to identify potential opportunities, including lighting not already addressed in prior efforts.
  • Group properties to efficiently complete on-site audits.
  • Evaluate lighting quality, employee needs, and expected savings.
  • Assess the cost/benefit of each location.
  • Rank opportunities (typically by IRR).

Lighting Retrofit Benefits

  • Design-build delivery of lighting retrofit projects.
  • Leverage PRES relationships with industry suppliers.
  • Account for routine maintenance
  • Reduced energy cost.
  • Improved end user productivity.


In addition to the energy cost savings, another significant benefit is improved light quality as shown above, leading to enhanced end-user productivity.

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