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Location Analysis Services

Balancing facility cost and travel cost.

Our clients usually want to find the right balance between facilities operating costs and travel costs associated with them. These issues traditionally cut across facility, real estate, customer service, finance, and operations departments. We can help you understand both the financial impact and the impact on customer service associated with decisions about the locations of your operating properties. Our location analysis services can provide the facts you need to make sound business decisions:

  • First, identify the location(s) that best meet the strategic needs of your business operations.
  • Then, define how large each should be based upon your corporate standards and the volume of work at each location.
  • Optimize territories, provider and logistics network for the resulting set of locations.
  • Consider the facility condition, real estate issues, and fit with the location strategy to build a financial business case for each facility project (new development, renovations, expansions, relocations, consolidations).

Example Analysis

A company wanted to consolidate locations in one of their service regions. The operations manager wanted to know which locations should be closed and where any new facilities would be needed. PRES Location Strategies used our optimization model to identify the best 9, best 8, best 7, best 6, best 5 existing locations to identify in sequence which site to close first, second, third, etc. (figure on left). Then we did the same analysis to identify the theoretical best 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 locations (figure on right). Comparion of the two figures show which existing locations are ideal, which might be relocated a little better (but not financially justifiable to do so), and which ones present the most significant re-location opportunities (requiring further evaluation). Evaluation of the travel costs associated with the various scenarios also identified the point of diminishing returns in consolidation (where travel cost increase exceeded facility cost savings).
   Example territory optimization map.

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If you are a utility company, consider a low cost Location Opportunity Assessment.



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