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Operational Efficiency

Productive property operation (for business), energy efficiency, and sustainability all require that the building systems operate properly. Many companies do not have a formal program for proper maintenance to ensure that the equipment is kept in ideal operating condition and in fact run the systems until they fail. Others arrange to have basic maintenance such as filter changes but the internal or contracted workforce is not trained on how the system is designed to operate and therefore may not recognize performance problems or early warning signs of impending failure.

Operational Energy Efficiency Factors

The objectives of a preventive maintenance program are to assure that the building systems receive financially sound maintenance. This includes not just code compliance and safety issues, but efficient daily operation resulting in the lowest overall property operation costs (maintenance and energy use). An addition important aspect for most businesses is the ability to switch from "run-to-fail" to planned replacement. This allows the business to understand where their physical plant is at risk and be proactive about when and how they take corrective action.


  • A financially-based Preventive Maintenance program eliminates waste.
  • A structured work order system assures productivity and proper maintenance.
  • A prioritized capital replacement program greatly reduces emergency work.




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