PRES Services

2430 North Forest Road
Suite 106
Getzville, NY 14068
(716) 633-1370

Our People

PRES has assembled a talented and diverse team of Energy, Engineering, Construction, Corporate Real Estate, and Facilities Management professionals; each with extensive experience in the industry. Our people are acutely aware of our founding principle – deliver objective and un-biased energy and facility solutions to your company.

PRES Services program leaders are first and foremost business generalists. This allows us to quickly understand your unique needs and discover value creation opportunities that enhance your core businesses – a PRES differentiator.

We have an established network of operations personnel located in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and on the West Coast to meet the needs of nationally distributed companies. PRES Services owners are active managers of the company, and remain fully engaged in our day to day business activities.

In some cases we are part of your team where our role is that of a expert and change agent. In other cases, we have been asked to provide the total project delivery.


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