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Strategic Property Plan

The strategic property plan defines the "direction" or end state of what set of properties are needed for company operations and why. It highlights how the property strategy supports the business strategy and is only updated periodically (typically 5+ yrs or when business strategy changes). The strategic property plan can be for a line of business or particular type of facility (data centers) but is usually system-wide to address inter-relationships among these elements.

Example strategic plan exhibit.

A key purpose is to communicate with stakeholders what types of facilities are desired and the general locations for each (typically not property-specific). Often the strategic plan is used to obtain support before the investment is made to developing the tactical plan (which takes more work), and to clarify the issues, principles, and priorities to be addressed during tactical planning.

Location analysis, sustainability goals, and operational templates are commonly used during development of the strategic plan, intended to be refined during tactical planning. The plan may go as far as listing which properties are on "keep," "close," "develop," "re-purpose" lists. An understanding of mission-critical facilities vs. "commodity" properties is important, and integration with disaster recovery or business continuity planning efforts is also most effective if done at this level of planning. (General these last items are not in the broadly publicized version.)

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