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Tactical Property Plan

The tactical property plan defines the property projects to undertake, their sequence and linkage, and business criteria for when each project is required. Many companies start with this type of plan (calling it a Master Plan) and often the plan's success depends upon how clearly the Strategic Plan component is articulated. The focus is upon major property actions: new facilities, major renovations/expansions, relocations, and closures. It may include just the short-term phases of the strategic plan, or selected portions of the overall portfolio.

Example tactical plan exhibit.

A key purpose of the tactical property plan is financing so typically it is updated every year along with the "capital" budget planning cycle. There may be other 5-year, "building infrastructure" type programs (such as energy efficiency) included for coordination. A detailed understanding of the specific property assets is required for a good tactical plan, so there often is considerable effort on things such as Facility Condition Index (FCI), energy audits, lease/market analysis, and space utilization reviews.

Based upon this additional level of information, the goals of the strategic plan are translated into projects, each with a conceptual scope and budget. These projects are then tentatively sequenced based upon business priorities, return on investment, or logical relationships. In some cases there may be a linkage to some trigger event such as regulatory approval or launch of a product line. In others, the projects will become part of the various property management plan to be executed as resources allow.

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