A Large Southeast Bank

A large southeast bank requested that PRES surface an aggressive three year program to reduce energy consumption by 10%. A savings target of $3.5M. PRES was asked to assist in: (a) verifying the likelihood of achieving the target, (b) developing a self-funding discovery process to surface the specific opportunities across the portfolio, (c) provide thought leadership for the overall program, and (d) produce work scope statements for all capital energy projects. Beyond the energy initiative, PRES was further assigned the design and final commissioning tasks for all HVAC replacement projects, such that replacement equipment was optimally designed and certified for service.

PRES used its proprietary Prequalification Process to validate the proposed consumption reduction savings target and suggested a stretch savings goal of $4.0MM was attainable. PRES integrated bank staff into a Discovery Plus delivery process designed to capture the available savings across the portfolio. Low cost/no cost measures were completed as the onsite discovery work was executed. Capital projects were identified for funding, designs completed, and projects implemented within the bank’s investment criteria. PRES provided HVAC equipment selections for the bank to purchase. The assignment also developed further lighting initiatives consistent with the bank’s updated lighting standards. Each completed project was commissioned to assure the desired performance and savings were achieved.

Integration of the Facilities Management team was key to the success of this program as they were able to gain end-user acceptance of energy consumption reduction activities.

The three year program exceeded the primary plan objective of achieving consumption reduction savings equal to $4.0M. Maintenance technicians have been trained to identify and mitigate “consumption creep” to assure sustained consumption reduction performance.

Commissioning of HVAC equipment was found to be critically important to ensure systems were installed per design, and the operation of such was optimized to bank standards.


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