State University of New York

PRES was engaged by a State University of New York campus to identify and implement energy conservation projects. Through this assignment PRES was involved with three phases of projects on the multi- campus facility. The program was broken down into multiple steps that starts with facility audits, goes through engineering, and concludes with construction implementation.

PRES utilizes its staff to surface and quantify opportunities throughout the Universities Campuses. With the involvement of facility personnel select projects that satisfy the program requirements were advanced to implementation.  PRES implemented projects through a multiple phase process that interacted with the customers feedback.  During the first major phase of the program PRES performed analysis of existing site conditions, and leads the design development phase.  During the second major phase, PRES managed the procurement process, works with local utility companies for rebate incentives, solicits multiple contractor bids, and consolidates the results with our recommendation.  During the third major phase, the PRES team was responsible for the construction management, coordination of multiple projects and contractors, along with final commissioning of projects to ensure lasting results.

PRES was involved in three separate phases of implementation services.  All together we have completed ~$25MM in projects.  Results to date include annual cost reduction of over $1.8MM.

Projects included; HVAC Upgrades, Lighting Upgrades, Chilled Water System Upgrades, Campus Wide Metering Upgrades, Domestic Water Upgrades, Heating Boiler Upgrades, VAV Box Replacements, and Steam System Upgrades.


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