Statewide Energy Services

PRES was selected through a competitive bid process to provide integrated services for the program management and implementation of a $180MM, 5-year Statewide Energy Services Program. Typical Energy Services projects, includes, but not limited to, mechanical / electrical based retrofits, building shell improvements, chiller plant retrofits, boiler plant retrofits, distributed generation, renewable energy, and other traditional technology upgrades such as lighting, motors, and building automation controls. Customers eligible for this program include public companies, institutions, and government agencies. Typical project size range is $1MM- $15MM per assignment.

PRES utilized its staff to surface and quantify opportunities for select qualified customers.  If opportunities satisfy the program requirements then PRES implemented projects through a multiple phase process that interacts with customers feedback.  During the first major phase of the program PRES performed analysis of existing site conditions, and leads the design development phase.  During the second major phase, PRES managed the procurement process, works with local utility companies for rebate incentives, solicits multiple contractor bids, and consolidates the results with our recommendation.  During the third major phase, the PRES team was responsible for the construction management, coordination of multiple projects and contractors, along with final commissioning of projects to ensure lasting results.

PRES has engaged with 60+ customers, including universities, public schools, government agencies, power authorities, military, correctional facilities, and public companies.

Results to date include annual cost reduction of over $6,000,000 achieved through various energy conservation projects. Several customers have viewed this project as an optimal process to achieve savings and implement infrastructure upgrades and, therefore, have expanded their utilizing multiple phase programs.


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