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Energy Procurement Program Outline

Energy procurement program outline.
Energy Finish Line, LLC is the PRES Services subsidiary dedicated to provision of energy procurement services. A full-service procurement engagement with Energy Finish Line for a multi-state, multi-facility operation will typically encompass most of the elements outlined below.

Service Service Activities/Elements
1. Contract Review
• Reduce penalties, late fee rates, and burdensome provisions on buyer
• Increase contract value and flexibility
Contract review
Standardization of certain clauses per business requirements: assignment, payment, liability, late fees
Highlight elements that influence contract value
Simplification: Ts & Cs, Confirmations/sales sheets
2. Supplier Qualifications/Management
• Avoid financially unstable or incompetent companies
Supplier Reputation
Supplier Representative capability
Supplier Pricing backroom
Supplier Billing system
Supplier Documentation and Market knowledge
Market information
Responsiveness to billing issues
3. RFP Development/Process
• Max. supplier participation/responsive price offers
• Fair to suppliers increases client value
Write Price requirement/spec.
Collect consumption history
Utility LOA
Bid Form
Bid Registration Form
Bid Summary
Post-bid supplier communication
Bill review
4. Market Monitoring
• Increase client expertise and market knowledge
• Reduce client labor costs
Market information scan, review
Periodic summary
Provide context for procurement decision-making
Build client market knowledge
Research and report market opportunities to management
Monitor and research rate tariffs and standard offers
Utility communications
5. Portfolio risk management
• Reduce risk
• Control volatility
• Reduce/control costs
Design portfolio - create buying groups:
- Stagger buys
- Vary price products
- Vary terms
Bid loads
Manage and extend terms
Expedite execution decisions
Counsel and coordinate with corporate buyer
Respond to service calls/issues
6. Budget Assistance/Support
• Save client budget makers time and resources
Review bill management options
Establish/management bill management system (BMS) (optional)
Provide historical consumption and budget estimates (using BMS or alternative)
Develop new forecasts
Develop forecast assumptions
Research market opportunities
7. Reporting
• Customize client reports/reporting
• Save client time
Bid summaries
Contract docs
Budget performance/forecasts
Price performance reports (savings) vs. baselines
Portfolio overviews and snapshots for management
Market reports and strategy




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