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Energy Procurement Overview

Benefits of Our Services:

  1. Integrity: At the end of the day, whether a potential customer does business with us or not, we hold this attribute as our number one resource.
  2. Objectivity: EFL is the client’s consultant and represents your interests. We have no preferred relationship with any energy supplier.
  3. Market knowledge: our market expertise comes from a number of sources including:
    • On-going procurement work with a multitude of clients in a multitude of utility jurisdictions around the US and Canada.
    • On-going relationships with many suppliers who are a source of product information and market opportunities.
    • Regular review of multiple media information sources and research including: Internet, press releases, market studies, publications, newsletters, etc...
    • Periodic discussions with other energy professionals.
  4. Experience: In energy terms our customer base has grown to over 250,000, MWhs/year and over 800,000 Dthms/year in competitive contracts since September 2006. Some of our clients are Fortune 500 entities.
  5. Procurement Process: For our largest customers, we don’t just bid out loads and select the lowest bidder; we use a three-pronged procurement strategy:
    • Initial risk analysis and strategy development.
    • Prepare an RFP-based buy.
    • Make on-going tactical/strategic buys along with periodic strategy reviews and adjustments.
  6. Risk Management: Initial risk analysis and strategy development is a collaborative process. We work with our clients to develop the scenario options and assumptions for the analysis.
  7. Cost Reduction: Savings may be achieved in three ways:
    • Risk Management (largest): managing market risk through buying group development and staggering of contract/supply terms… a more appropriate term is “controlling” or avoiding extreme costs.
    • Competition: getting multiple responsible suppliers to compete for your energy business (in competitive markets we strive for a 5-10% spread between supplier offers).
    • Client Management Time: reducing the time a client needs to spend on energy procurement and still assuring that it has responsibly discharged this function…. After the initial strategy development phase is completed, all supplier interfacing is handled by PRES - from contract review, RFP development, bidding, and contract award. At the conclusion of the process, bidders are informed, a bid summary (for management) is prepared and on-going market monitoring continues...
  8. On-going Market Monitoring: With one eye on the client’s procurement strategy and another on the short and medium-term price movements in the market, EFL’s job is to present buying opportunities that fit the client’s risk and budget objectives.
  9. Optional: On-going Bill Auditing and Budgeting Assistance.

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