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Our goal is clear: provide objective services and behave as a natural extension of your staff. This means we are looking at how your property can best serve your business goals (more profit, less cost, better performance).

Our "Business Generalist" Approach

We understand facilities design, construction, and real estate operations. But as business generalists, our focus is looking for things that not only provide property performance improvements, but also those that provide strategic business value to your particular operations.

Objective Focus on Your Fiduciary Interests

PRES Services is an Independent Company - we do not sell facility products or energy itself. Your fiduciary interests come first so we help you work through the business decisions that identify which opportunities are financially sound.

Flexible Organization Structure

Our complimenting affiliate structure lets us apply the right combination of talent to your assignment with a below-market margins. It also allows us to provide the range of services you want on a project by project basis, from expertise on just one area to turn-key solutions.

The result is a recognizable group of satisfied customers:



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